Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Recovery Journal

Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Recovery Journal is a self-help writing tool for former or soon-to-be former Mormons. Designed for those who leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the journal will help people separating from the LDS faith community to sort through the difficulties associated with discovering that Mormonism is not what they believed it to be.

Filled with open-ended questions about their experiences as members of the Church, their journeys in leaving, and how it affected their relationships and lives, the journal provides plenty of writing space to document events, record emotions, and plan for the future as former Mormons.

Although part of the From Kolob to Calvary Series, this journal is for theists and non-theists alike. The writing prompts are free from religious bias, allowing readers to write down and express their own views and beliefs as they come to terms with leaving Mormonism.

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