No Excuses Reading Journal for Fantasy Books

Do you have an endless stack of Fantasy books you can’t keep up with? You love to read because it transports you to unexplored worlds, but you often find yourself bogged down by the complexities of living on Planet Earth. You’re either too busy, too tired, or too distracted to set aside your troubles for a few moments of imaginative relaxation. With this reading journal you can toss your excuses outside with the dust off your book shelves. Make a list of up to 24 fantasy-fiction books (or audiobooks) by your favorite and new authors, set a reading goal, and keep track of your progress. Write down your thoughts about each book you read. Did you connect with the characters? Did their struggles mirror your own? Did you learn something new or feel inspired? Featuring four pages of reflective fill-in-the-blanks for every book on your list. Celebrate when you finish, and then grab the next stack of books!

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