No Excuses Reading Journal for Fiction Books

Do you have a large pile of fiction books you can’t keep up with? You love to read compelling stories. As an avid reader you’re solving crimes, unraveling mysteries, embarking on adventures, having whirlwind romances, and exploring space. You wish you could keep track of all your reading exploits so you can move onward and upward to greater challenges, but alas; making a spreadsheet is time-consuming (and dull). Now you can record your reading history the old-fashioned way; with a pen and journal. Make a list of up to 24 fiction books (or audiobooks) by your favorite and new authors, set a reading goal, and keep track of your progress. Write down your thoughts about each book you read. Did you connect with the characters? Did their struggles mirror your own? Did you learn something new or feel inspired? Featuring four pages of reflective fill-in-the-blanks for every book on your list. Celebrate when you finish, and then grab the next stack of books!

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