Mormonism, the Matrix, and Me

Tracy Tennant’s compelling and inspirational account of raising and homeschooling ten children as a devout Mormon mother; providing insight into Mormon lifestyle, practices, and beliefs. Tracy’s life as a Latter-day Saint was rich with humor and drama as she strived to live worthily as a temple-attending woman preparing her family for life in the future Celestial Kingdom. After discovering solid historical evidence against Joseph Smith and the teachings of the Mormon Church, she faced heartbreaking rejection from many of her Mormon friends and loved ones. While her account details her journey out of Mormonism into Biblical-based faith, she acknowledges and credits the Mormon people who made a positive impact on her life. The book is an intense walk through Tracy’s life as she enters and exits a world known as Mormonism, while eloquently comparing her experiences to the blockbuster movie, “The Matrix.” Her story will cause many to open their eyes to the world around them.

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