Mock-up Book Cover

Boost Your Business by Writing a Book Part 5

Explore Your Book Publishing Options Now that you’ve written your book, the real work begins. Not that writing and organizing it was easy, but you persevered. You’ve spent time doing research, gathering information, had several pairs of eyes combing over your manuscript to catch typos and awkward grammar. It’s all down on paper or in a special file on your Read More

Jumping Over Hurdles

Boost Your Business by Writing a Book Part 3

Overcoming Hurdles to Writing Your Business Book You’ve thought about writing a book for awhile. You know it will increase your exposure in the marketplace and be a boon to your business. You’ve been putting it off, thinking someday soon you’ll get around to doing it, but you realize if you don’t just jump in and start it will never Read More

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Boost Your Business by Writing a Book Part 2

When You Should Write a Book and When You Shouldn’t Have you considered writing a book? It seems like a daunting task and indeed, it can be. Everybody has a story to tell; how they overcame hardship, faced a challenge, succeeded at something, gained a new perspective, or traveled the world. But should everyone write a book about it? Not Read More

Pen & Frog

Boost Your Business by Writing a Book Part 1

Are you a business owner? A coach or consultant? An expert in your field? A blogger? You need to write a book! In this series I’ll give good and bad reasons to write a book, and the benefits of having one for your business. The topics will include: Part 1: 5 Reasons Business Owners, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs Need a Book Read More