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About Our Company

We are a small independent book publisher entering the exciting (and growing) world of "indie publishing." We specialize in producing guided journals and workbooks, and a select number of non-fiction books. Currently we are not publishing works by authors outside our company; but our vision for the future is to expand and publish for new and upcoming indie authors.

Our Team Members

Design & Production, writing * Tracy Tennant // Creative Consultants * Summer Garcia, Trevor James, Gregory Lew

Our Latest Projects

The No Excuses Reading Journal series is to help readers set goals to get through their "To Be Read" piles. Several genres to choose from. Each journal has fill-in-the-blank questions targeted to its genre. Our Fervent Fermenter series is for individuals interested in improving their health and wellness through making better nutritional choices.

Our Newest Books


  As we expand our offerings in the future, we aim to provide resources for writers, bloggers, and indie authors.

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