No Excuses Reading Journal for Biographies & Memoirs

Great biographies are as exciting as an adventure book, intriguing as a mystery, and as intense as a romance novel. As well, a person’s life can be an inspiration or a warning, something to emulate or something to eschew. Getting a glimpse into the life of another human being—famous or not— gives us new perspectives, insight, wisdom, empathy, ideas, and often challenges our beliefs! The purpose of this journal is to help you set a reading goal and keep track of your progress. Make a list of biographies and memoirs you want to read, and then write down your impressions about each one. What fascinated you most about the lives of these people? What were their dreams and aspirations; their struggles and challenges? How did their circumstances influence their beliefs? Do you have anything in common with them? This journal features four pages of reflective fill-in-the-blanks for every book on your list. Celebrate when you finish, and then grab the next stack of books!

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